Calvin at 500: 
His Life and Legacy

1509 - 1564

An exciting two-day conference exploring the dramatic life of John Calvin and his amazing contribution to the expansion of God’s Kingdom. 

 The conference will include lectures, worship, book-tables and book recommendations, musical offerings, fellowship and celebration.

Drs. Carl Trueman and Sean Lucas, scholars from Westminster Seminary and Covenant Seminary respectively, will lead our thinking as we remember what God accomplished through His servant John Calvin on the 500th anniversary of his birth. They will describe Calvin's: Grace centered leadership, his role as reformer, his rhetorical gifts, What kind of theologian was he?, His doctrine of creation, his teaching on the means of grace and the amazing legacy of the movement known as Calvinism.

All the Messages from this years' CVCRT are now available on Sermon Audio!

John Murray, one of the founders of Westminster Seminary, called Calvin's Institutes, "the opus magnum of Christian Theology." In another place Murray said that "Calvin is to Theology what Plato is to Philosophy." In still another, Calvin is to be accorded "a place of unique eminence" among theologians.

"What Thucydidies is among Greek, or Gibbon among eighteenth-century English historians, what Plato is among philosophers, or the Iliad among epics, or Shakespeare among dramatists, that Calvin's Institutes is among theological treatises." B. B. Warfield, Calvin and Calvinism, 1931, p. 374.

Dr. Phillip Schaff says, "His religious influence upon the Anglo-Saxon race in both continents is greater than that of any native Englishman, and continues to this day. The merit of Calvin is his own, and he has been the creative instrument in the strength of England, Scotland, and the United States of America." History of the Christian Church Vol. VII, pp 806-7.



Dr. Carl R. Trueman

Dr. Sean Michael Lucas

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Friday, April 17th, 2009
2:30 PM Registration Opens
3:30 PM  Opening Sessions:  Dr. Lucas: Grace-Centered Leadership
5:00 PM Diner at Local Restaurants  (Registrar will have a recommended list)
6:30 PM Registration Opens
7:30 PM Opening Sessions
Dr. Trueman: Calvin as Reformer
Dr. Lucas: Calvin’s Rhetoric of Piety
Saturday, April 18th, 2009
8:30 am Continental Breakfast
9:00 am Morning Sessions:  Dr. Trueman: Calvin as Theologian
Dr. Lucas: Calvin’s Doctrine of Creation
11:30 PM Lunch at local restaurants
1:00 PM Afternoon Sessions: 
Q&A Session
Dr. Lucas: Calvin on the Means of Grace
Dr. Trueman: Calvin and Calvinism.